Get Involved

What can you do?

We have to be vocal, we have to be loud, we have to be unapologetic in demanding that this program is removed. And it is really gonna be the young people who do this work. And that’s who it needs to be. That’s who needs to be centered in this conversation.

Ayaan Arraweelo

  • You need to get educated… Each community needs to do their  homework to investigate how CVE manifests in their community, because it is different from place to place.
  • You should start a coalition  of people who are concerned and want to protect their community and their children
  • Get your mosques involved
  • Many times our Imams don’t want to be involved in fighting the program, but we need our masjids to be engaged. They should not be part of CVE because that makes it a place that drives people away
  • Demand action from your Representatives. Some right wing say it is too soft and many liberals say it is great. Need to hold them accountable
  • In Montgomery County, the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition is drafting an ordinance to prohibit CVE programs in the county.

The Resisting Surveillance Forum in Montgomery County was the first in a series that will take place across the country. We’ll be in Minneapolis, MN on October 14, in Chicago, IL on October 24, in Boston on December 6.  We are planning an additional forum in Indianapolis this fall or winter. If you would like to be connected to activists working on CVE in your area, contact us: